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Porcelain sculpture “Bildhauer” by Thomas Andreas “Theo” Vos

“Bildhauer” model porcelain sculpture made by Thomas Andreas “Theo” Vos (1887–1948). It represents the German dancer Gertrud Leistikow.

Leistikow began dancing between 1906 and 1910. In 1914, Leistikow’s solo performances drew sizeable crowds in Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Lausanne, Utrecht, and Sarajevo. In the summer of 1914, Leistikow joined Rudolf von Laban’s company in Ascona, where she, in addition to Mary Wigman, had a major role in Laban’s dance drama “The Triumph of the Victim” by Hans Brandenburg. During her performances she kept her face expressionless and often hid it behind scarves, veils and masks to draw the viewer’s attention to the rest of her body. Drawings and photographs often show Leistikow nude, but with her face covered.

Manufacture Porzellanfabrik L. Hutschenreuther.
Stamped Hutschenreuther Selb-Bavaria Ableilungfür Kunst. Modelli Bildhauer Th.A.Vos Amsterdam.

Germany, CIRCA 1920.

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