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Sculpture “Strength” by Henri Louis Levasseur

Sculpture called “Strength” made by Henri Louis Levasseur (1853-1934). Made of bronze with brown patina.
Signature H. LEVASSEUR Foundry coin “House VIGNES DE M.v. SANCHEZ. FLORIDA. 361. B. AIRS”.

The pieces that have this coin were commissioned to be sold by said bazaar.
The Vignes House was located at Florida 361 and 431 BS. ACE. It was founded by Modesto P. Sánchez in 1886 and he was the one who directed the company until his death in 1950. The company continued to operate under his son Eduardo P. A. Sánchez until the 1970s, when the art sales section of the company became Art Gallery “Vignes Gallery”. Years later in the same decade it ended up closing its doors permanently.

France, CIRCA 1900.

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